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Steward Board

  • Rev. William Wilson, Vice-Chairman

  • Dionna Ali, Member

  • Patricia Pinnix, Member

  • Kenneth H. Lindsey, Emeritus

Missionary Society

  • Carol Smith, President

Multimedia Ministry

  • Carrol Pinnix, Director

  • Robert Foreman, Member

  • Ray Cosley, Member

  • Michael Pinnix, Member

Trustee Board

  • Carrol Pinnix, Vice-Chairman

  • Diainn Goodman, Financial Secretary

  • Ray Cosley, Member

  • Arianne Cosley, Member

  • Robert Foreman, Member

  • Stephen Goines, Member

  • Larry Cosley, Helper

  • Donnell Cosley, Helper

  • Noonan Weedon, Emeritus

Evangelism Ministry

  • Danielle Ali, President

Church School

  • Rev. William Wilson, Superintendent

  • Evelyn Robinson, Teacher

  • Barbara Downes, Teacher

  • Quentin McFadden, Teacher

  • Michael Britton, Teacher

  • Ellen Brown, Teacher

  • Nashala Williams, Teacher

  • October Holliway, Volunteer


  • Patricia L. Pinnix

Stewardess Ministry

  • Regina Cosley

  • Carol Smith

  • Danielle Ali

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